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Highlighting can instantly add volume to your hair by adding depth and dimension giving your hair a fuller look. Our highlight color service adds color to your hair that is lighter than your natural or dyed shade. Our hair color comes in a wide range of colors from the lightest of blondes to sun kissed gold, rich caramel, copper and auburn tones.

Highlights are used to enhance color, blend or hide grey hair, or soften a hairstyle that appears hard or monochromatic. We are proud to offer a wide range of colors to that will add warmth to your skin, and bring out your natural glow.

Bold • Sunkist • Chunky
Cool Off or Warm Up
Accent • Peek-A-Boos • Contrast
Ombre • Baylayage
Golden Apricot • Irish Creme • Toffee
Butter Cream • Caramel

— Color Limited Only By Your Imagination —

At Silhouette Hair Design, we believe your hair color should reflect your personal style and bring out your natural beauty. Our knowledgeable staff is expertly trained in the art of hair color, and we want to give our guests a look that suits them.

Our expert colorists will take the time to talk with you about your preferences, and help you determine the perfect color that will accent your features. Schedule a color consultation and see what we can do for you!

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