Darlyne McGee

Owner & Artistic Director

Darlyne is the Owner and Artistic Director at our salon.

Lisa Hamor

Artistic Director

Lisa is an Artistic Designer at our salon.

Sandy Vicknair

Artistic Director

From as far back as she can remember working in the beauty industry was something Sandy always wanted to pursue. After she graduated High School, Sandy went straight into beauty school and from there; she went directly to work as a stylist. She has been devoted to her career of choice and worked as a stylist for the last thirty-nine years, with twenty-six of those years being with Silhouette Hair Design.

Originally hailing from Louisiana, Sandy moved to Florida when she was younger and ended up putting down permanent roots. She has lead a great life ever since! When outside of the salon, Sandy likes to spend her time on the golf course, she likes to spend her time on the golf course, and she likes to spend her time on the golf course.

Sandy takes pleasure in making people feel good about themselves and providing them tools and skills to maintain their desired style on their own.

Sandy Smith

Artistic Director

Sandy has always had a passion for hair and makeup. She grew up in a small town in South Carolina and loves spending time with her family, cooking, and going to the beach. Her talent and ambition has made it possible for her to achieve her dreams of becoming a great hair stylist. She studied at Kenneth Shuler in Spartanburg SC and began her career in 2009 working for JcPenney’s Salon before becoming a Master Designer here Silhouette Hair Design.

Sandy strives to continue to grow and learn in her profession. Nothing compares to the feeling she gets when her clients look at their hair and love it. Sandy is certified in the Chi Smoothing System and the Joico hair color line.

Her clients would tell you that she goes above and beyond to meet their needs and that the condition of their hair has drastically improved since visiting her. Sandy is dedicated to delivering the results you want. She takes the time to listen to her clients needs. Her goal is to give them the perfect look while doing what is best for the integrity of their hair.

Diane Tufano

Artistic Director

Diane is an Artistic Director at our salon.

Amanda Berry

Artistic Director

Amanda is an Artistic Director at our salon.

Todd Case

Artistic Director

Todd Case had no idea that one day spent with a friend at a salon would change his life. Inspired by a passion for hair, he decided that day to be a hair designer. By age 21, he owned his own salon.

He has a love for animals and nature. The colors of nature have inspired him to create color design for hair. He is a true artistic designer. Perhaps it is this artistic eye that has made him a successful hair stylist for 33 years and a top notch Redken color specialist. Before working at Silhouette Hair Design, he worked at Imperial Salon and Spa for 22 years.

He is a caring professional who works hard to treat his clientele well. He is motivated by his love for making people happy and feeling good about themselves. He is a good listener because he wants to hear them say, “You’ve made me feel pretty.” Besides having Redken, color ,Keratin, Framsi, and Pivot certificates, Todd strives to update his techniques by learning new ones from his peers. When he isn’t passionately serving his customers as a hair designer, he uses his creative energy for painting and crafting.

Deborah Lamb

Artistic Director

Debbie went to school at Miami Lake Tech for cosmetology and Miami Dade for her Associate’s degree. She went on to work at JcPenneys for fifteen years. It was there she was able to acquire years of business training and soon became the Salon Manager. She also had advance training with Redken, Paul Mitchell, Pivot Point, Clayton School of Natural Healing, Hair Replacement, and operational management. She volunteered for seventeen years for Look Good, Feel Better, and five years with the American Cancer Society, where she held the position of Chair person for two years.

Debbie was raised by her father, who was a great influence in her life, as her dad would take her to the salon when she was little which in turn sparked her interest in hair styling. She has fond memories of the salon’s atmosphere and seeing how special people felt being there. She is passionate about making her clients feel as fabulous as possible about themselves and it is her personal belief that everyone deserves beautiful hair.

As for working at Silhouette, Debbie considers it a blessing to work with other talented and creative people and she finds great joy in the collaborative environment the salon fosters which in turn helps her achieve the best she can in all of her creative efforts. When outside of the salon, she currently keeps herself busy with church, mediation, Reiki Master, painting, sewing, gardening, music, walking, art journal, bird watching, and fashion design textile.

Debbie will take the time to listen to your concerns and she has the industry experience to create a look and style which will fit your needs.

Chris Campbell

Artistic Designer

Chris is a Stylist at our salon.

Bonnie Blandin

Artistic Designer

Originally from Venice, California, Bonnie has always enjoyed doing hair. She followed her passion for the beauty industry and graduated from the Ambulance Beauty & Barber Academy in October, 2011.

As a stylist, Bonnie spends time focusing on her client’s wishes so she can create a specific hair style and color which will make them feel good about themselves. She also educates her clients about their hair and the best way to keep it looking fresh even after they leave the salon. Her genuine and sincere approach along with her professional attitude helps her to connect with each client. Plus, her desire to be the best stylist she can be is supported by continuing to educate herself with new industry styles and techniques.

She finds her inspiration from: God, children, family, and helping others in need. In her spare time, she enjoys going out to dinner, movies, car shows, the beach, and concerts with her children.

Natalie Miranda

Artistic Designer

Natalie is an Artistic Designer at our salon.

Kamar Marlin

Artistic Director

Kamar is an Artistic Director at our salon. She has over 17 years experience and is fluent in French, Arabic, and English.

Jennifer Santalla

Artistic Designer

Jennifer is an Artistic Designer at our salon.

Caitlyn Vaught

Master Designer

Caitlyn is a Master Designer at our salon.

Lorrie Burrill

Salon Coordinator

Lorrie is our Salon Coordinator.

Daphanie McLoney

Salon Coordinator

Daphanie “Shelly” is a Salon Coordinator at our salon.

Allie Place

Salon Coordinator

Allie is a Salon Coordinator at our salon.

Liyah Bryan

Salon Coordinator

Liyah is a salon coordinator at our salon.